A Healthy Guide to Body Lice Treatment

Healthy Tips for Controlling Your Lice Problems

Lice are very small parasite insects found mainly on the clothing of infested people. They can also be found on their beddings and bodies. Body lice look almost the same as head lice. These tiny organisms mostly spend their life on an afflicted persons clothing, crawling on their skin to feed on the infected person’s blood one or more times in a day. Mostly body lice are found on destitute or homeless adults who never change their clothes.

A body infested with body lice often causes severe itching and irritation. Bite reaction of these insects may appear as redness, swelling and small welt like marks. A severe long-lasting body lice affliction can produce thickening and darkening of the skin. Intense itching or scratching the bites can lead to infection. In certain places around the world where people reside in overcrowded and poverty stricken settings without proper sanitation, body lice may transmit the micro-organisms that can cause fever, relapsing fever and endocarditic.

Some people infested with lice may have fewer lice active on their skin at one time. But their clothing may contain abundant of body lice. Body lice infestation is more common in the months of winter. In the winters, people tend to wear a lot of warm clothes for long periods and this can get them easily infested. Body lice infestations can be eradicated by regular bathing and changing clothes.


Body lice are infested by direct contact with infected people. To avoid infestation, clothes, bedding and close contact should be avoided. Infested people however don’t need to stay in an isolated place to avoid spreading body lice. These organisms can survive for long on the clothes removed from an infected person. A few steps can be taken to help prevention and control the spread of body lice.

  • Regular bathing and changing clothes at least once weekly.
  • Washing clothes in machines using hot water. Clothes which cannot be washed should be dry-cleaned.
  • Clothes, beds, towels, beddings used by an afflicted person should not be shared.
  • To avoid the spread of body lice insecticide control is necessary.


The personal hygiene of the infested person should be improved to avoid a body lice infestation. At least a weekly change of clothing, towels and bedding used by the infected person is very important and should be cleaned at certain intervals. Sometimes a professional advisor or a consultant treats the infected person with a medicine “pediculicide” that kills the body lice. If lice care hygiene is maintained and items are laundered a pediculicide is not necessary. A visual examination of human body and clothing can confirm that the body has been infested with body lice. The moving lice and presence of eggs confirms the infestation. In case if these methods fail to work, an over the counter lotion or shampoo can be tried. Eventually personal hygiene and regular cleaning of clothes and house hold things can be washed or dried in the sun in a hot air machine. Personal cleanliness is the first and foremost thing to be taken care in prevention of body lice infestation. Cleanliness plays a very important role in fighting off the infestation. Human body lice can be eradicated with effective treatments with a local Austin lice care facility. A few handful suggestions in the elimination of body lice home infestation are:

  • Vinegar and vegetable oil treats itchy red scaly bumps of an infected body
  • Calamine oil applied to the affected skin can kill these parasites
  • Scratching should be avoided to prevent infection
  • Washing clothes in hot water kills pests and their eggs

Home remedies can help to solve the body lice infection and as well gain control over the intensification of the human body lice problem.