Facts About Kelowna Kangen Water You Should Know

Kangen Waret

Setting the record straight: scientific facts about Kangen water


After reading a few articles you search on Google, you would presume to know a lot about Kelowna Kangen water magic. It will surprise you that most of these articles are not anywhere near the half-truths if alkaline water, they widespread lies with no scientific backing.

There is a galore of scientific-sounding theories about Kangen water that can be easily debunked. Chief among them is microclustering, which does not need a scientist to poke holes into its line of argument. It is unfortunate that people have to grapple with heaps of misinformation while the actual truth about alkaline water is a fascinating subject.

Facts about Kangen water

  • Surface tension is the reason alkaline water hydrates better: sales people will come up with absolutely any claims to make a dime from you. They say Kangen water hydrates better because of microclustering. That is the easiest lie one could ever come up with. The fact is that Kelowna Kangen water has lower surface tension than any other kind of water. Therefore, it is easily absorbed into the body.
  • PH and alkalinity are two different things: you have probably heard people talk about alkaline water. If you are keen, you will notice that they interchangeably use the terms PH and alkalinity in reference to the above-7 PH of Kangen water. But this is wrong, the two terms are different.

PH refers to the number of hydrogen ions present in a water molecule. On the other hand, alkalinity refers to the potential of water to neutralize acidity. To understand it better, an illustration would be a relief:

Alkaline water with not a so-high PH could be highly alkaline while alkaline water with very high PH could be a very weak alkaline.

  • Water molecules may or may not bond together: those who belief that alkaline water gets its magical absorption powers from restructuring, they are wrong. Water molecules may bond only to be separated after a trillionth of a second (do not bother calculating that, it is closer to zero duration). Therefore, the claim that Kangen water is better absorbed due to microclustering is a farfetched thought and a wrong one.
  • The more powerful ionizer you have, the better alkalinity in your water: in the process of making alkaline water, the weak bicarbonates bonds are converted into solid-strong hydroxide bonds. The more power you have in your ionizer, the stronger the bonds and more water alkalinity.
  • The tiniest water cluster is made up two molecules: alkaline or not, the smallest water cluster is made up of two molecules referred to as water dimer. For the sake of marketing, some people claim that Kangen water has 6 molecules. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a myth started in Japan by Dr. Emoto. You should also note that no one has ever observed a water dimer or any other form of water cluster.

Finally, you can put to rest all the lies and half-truths about alkaline water. Since this is something that touches on your health, you are better armed with the facts.